Engine 211

1999 LTI Spartan Pumper

1,750 GPM Capacity

750 Gallon Water Tank

2,000 feet of 3 ½” Supply Line

Thermal Imaging Camera

Four gas atmospheric meter


Engine 212

1983 Pierce Dash Pumper

1,250 GPM Capacity

1,200 feet of 3 ½” Supply Line

750 gallon water tank

Thermal Imaging Camera

Four Gas Atmospheric Meter


Ladder 231

1991 Simon LTI 106 foot Aerial Ladder Truck

Prepiped bed section for master stream operations

212 feet of ground ladders

Thermal Imaging Camera

Four gas atmospheric Meter


12kw generator


Squad 241

2017 Spartan MetroStar

Total Hurst vehicle rescue tools

Complete air bag system

Paratech rescue strut selection

Confined space rescue equipment

High and Low angle rescue equipment

Thermal Imaging Camera

Four gas atmospheric meter


8kw generator


Chief 201

2018 Ford F-150 Command Vehicle

VHF and UHF radio capabilities

Inboard Computer for mapping and preplan information

Thermal Imaging Camera

Five gas atmospheric meter


FullSizeRender (4)Traffic Unit 252

2015 Ford F-250


Utility Unit 291

2015 Ford F-250

QRS Medical Assist Vehicle

Minor Fluid Clean Up Equipment

Brush Fire Equipment

ATV 292

2018 Polaris Ranger All Terrain Vehicle

Equipped with 55 gallon water tank

Pump equipped to pump 300 psi for wildland fire


1973 Imperial

1966 American Lafrance Pioneer

1949 International


1976 Mack Hammerly

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